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Cumbria Lass
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help with application forms

Post by Cumbria Lass » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:58 am

I'm trying to get work at the moment and have been for some considerable time. I really struggle with application forms. Putting work in reverse chronological order seriously messes with my head. On top of that, they are all laid out differently and my education didn't follow the norm as I have done a lot of courses outside the mainstream, so the standard "School, College, University" format doesn't work. It would be better if they just asked for a list of qualifications (which some do).

What is really annoying me is that several work advisor types don't seem to have any understanding of dyslexia. They say they can help me with filling in application forms. That sounds great, but they then follow it with "Bring it in and we'll help you with the bits that you struggle with". They don't seem to understand that it is the very process of filling it in that is difficult. Whilst there are bits that are harder than others, all of it is a struggle. I'm sure if they have someone with walking difficulties, they don't ask them to climb a flight of stairs and say "Let us know which step you find difficult and we'll help you with that".

It takes me a day just to fill in one form because it tires out my brain that much, and that is even with copying and pasting text from a master document. If I have to hand-write a form I don't even try, I can hand-write but I have to concentrate so much more that it would take me ten times as long, and would leave my head emotionally drained.

Why is it that the very people who are supposed to be helping people get work, don't get any training in dyslexia, despite the fact that it probably affects many of the people they will be dealing with.

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