In my 40s. Help needed to get back to work after 3 years break

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In my 40s. Help needed to get back to work after 3 years break

Post by Samtastic » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:19 pm

I am in 40s and an Electrical Engineer but was always in the IT profession as software developer.

I moved to UK about 5 years back and started working for one of the largest MNC companies but got terminated near my end of probation . I was struggling with work as the set if technologies were new and I was not able to up-skill as quickly as others.

Then I managed to get couple of job offers but joined one of the London based small IT consultancy company as a Senior Developer. Again, I was struggling as this time also set of technologies were new and different. But this is where one of my colleague said I exhibit symptoms of Dyslexia.
I then did some reading about it and felt that I was always Dyslexic but newer knew. I also feel I have Auditory Processing Disorder. Meanwhile, my wife had a baby with few health concerns and we both started having sleepless days and nights. My performance ratings were poor and I had to take a demotion from Senior Developer to Developer. The project I was working got over and company was finding it difficult to find project in London and I could not travel to or stay in other locations due to my kid's health situation. Company offered a package to quit and I felt eventually I will be terminated without any package. So, I took the offer and quit. But, since then I could never get back to work as my wife had to join the work after maternity leave and could never be in a situation to look for a job. It has been 3 years since I am out of job and now things are under control with respect to my kid and I think I can look for a job.

I have few questions and I will be very grateful for any suggestions.

1. I was not aware or was not diagnosed of Dyslexia. I am not sure if I should have discussed with my employer and that would have prevented from me loosing the job. What should have been best move?

2. Should I inform my potential employer about possible dyslexia? I am not clinically and officially diagnosed so I am not sure I can confirm. It costs about £400 to £600 which I can not afford. I am worried if I disclose there may be discrimination and no employer may want to hire me.

3. Can I back to me previous employers and explain them and can I expect them to offer a job ? I had signed Compromise Agreement with my previous employer though.

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Re: In my 40s. Help needed to get back to work after 3 years break

Post by Cumbria Lass » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:02 am

I've only just found this forum, so sorry that no-one has replied up to now.
I've been advised that you can only declare disabilities that you have evidence for. I suspect that most employers will discriminate you because of your dyslexia even if it is illegal, because you've not a chance of proving it, even less chance of funding a prosecution and there is so little understanding of dyslexia that most employers see it as a very negative thing.

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