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How to Post

Post by AbigailM » Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:31 pm

In order to create a new topic or post a reply, you will need to first log in.

You have some choices: You can either register with us, or you can log in using a social network platform like Facebook or Google+.

Registration with us is free. When you register, you will receive a confirmation email, and your account will be activated as soon as you respond by clicking the link in that email.

However, your first few posts to the board will be held for moderation. We'll grant full posting privileges as soon as we know that you are human and genuinely want to participate in this forum.

All of these policies -- registration, email confirmation, moderation - are choices that we had to make to prevent spam on our board. Without that protection, we would be deluged with hundreds of posts from spammers who want to use our board to post links to other sites.

This is a forum geared to the needs of dyslexic people - so we can't use one of those CAPTCHA gateways where you have to type out a series of impossibly distorted letters. (If you are dyslexic, it would be hard enough to type out letters or words correctly even if they were printed clearly; asking you to puzzle out deliberately distorted or obscured letters is akin to torture.) We did try an "easy" CAPTCHA that looked less intimidating -- but the spammers figured that one out right away.

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