"You know you're a dyslectic if..." list, funny

Exploring the talents and abilities that accompany dyslexia
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"You know you're a dyslectic if..." list, funny

Post by Hannah » Mon May 04, 2015 8:10 pm

Hey guys! a while ago I made this "you know you're a dyslectic if..." list. It was intended to be funny so this is definitely not something to use to self diagnose. So, here it is, let me know what you think! . (this is intended to be funny, I'm sorry if you find something on the list offensive)


You know you’re a Dyslectic if….
By. Hannah Thomas (fellow dyslectic)

• The acronym “IEP” means something to you
• the acronym “IEP”, followed by the word “meeting” is the worst thing imaginable
• you will never be able to correctly spell “grocery”
• you spell everything Phonetically
• you’ve memorized every song you’ve ever heard
• when your teacher says “we’re going to take turns reading aloud…”you feel like you’ve just been slapped…in the face…by Hitler…and Satan
• you’ve never volunteered to read in class
• you can’t watch subtitled films
• you accidentally wrote a letter to Satan Claus
• the fact that Percy Jackson is “dyslectic”, making kids who are not dyslectic think they’re dyslectic, annoys the crap out of you
• you’re at a second grade reading level but have written books WAY better then Twilight
• You’ve ever found yourself having to tell someone: “No, it’s not an STD, it’s a learning disability”
• You have to leave English early to go to “special education” classes, where you relearn things that are generally taught to kindergarteners
• You’ve ever wanted to maim a special ed. teacher
• You know what maim means, but you can’t spell it
• This is list funny, not offensive
• You’ve ever corrected a teacher
• You’ve been sent to the principle for correcting said teacher
• “When live gives you melons………crap”
• After you type something into a document, there are more red underline words than not underlined ones.
• “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree…” wait, are you justifying others inferiority or are you condemning it? Also, did you just call me a fish??
• You Google the definition of big words to make sure you’re using them right
• “Your” and “you’re”, you’ve got this.

Thanks for reading. Hope you engoid injoied enjoyed it!

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Re: "You know you're a dyslectic if..." list, funny

Post by JessicaKaire911 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:32 pm

I found this funny and relatable. :D I might make one of my own... Is that ok? :D

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