Exploring the talents and abilities that accompany dyslexia
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I'm doing some research into dyslexia and well-being. ... gfW24F5BHv

I'd really appreciate any participants to click the link above and partake.

I'm hoping to get this research published to increase awareness of dyslexia.

Thank you so much guys.

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Post by Russell198 » Sat Oct 20, 2018 3:01 am

It is good that you are interested in doing research on dyslexia. Since I am a researcher who presents a major academic conferences I would like to suggest a few idea's. First, please look at the fallowing image of the dyslexic brain: ... udy-images

Do you notice the extreme difference in brain activity between the dyslexic brain and the general education students mind? Our entire educational, K-12 educational system is based on the brain functionality of the general education students brain, generally the back part of the a students mind.

Now look at the front part of the dyslexic students mind, do you see how this part of the brain has about 3 times the brain activity? Do you see this is the part of the brain that focuses on "word analysis?"

Think of word analysis as using the thesaurus and then think about how a dyslexic student can use their natural abilities in this area to overcome their reading and writing concerns.

Something to think about.

Best regards,

Russell Van Brocklen

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