Dyslexia and Problem Solving

Exploring the talents and abilities that accompany dyslexia
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Dyslexia and Problem Solving

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Hello all,
I am conducting an important research study on the correlation between dyslexia and one's ability to solve problems. I was diagnosed with dyslexia back in 2012, but I am also an A student. A few of my friends, A students, have also been diagnosed with dyslexia. I was wondering if there is any correlation between the two, so I have decided to conduct my own research. I would love as much participation as possible from people diagnosed with dyslexia, so I have decided to widen my research subjects to include people on this website. If you would be willing to participate in my research, then please click the link below and follow the instructions. Thank you in advance! I hope I will be able to gather results and give you an answer soon.


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