Calling all Adult Dyslexics

Exploring the talents and abilities that accompany dyslexia
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Calling all Adult Dyslexics

Post by tacker » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:25 am

Hello. My name is Tad Acker. I am a fellow dyslexic, not diagnosed until age 20, and like most of us, I’ve spent most of my life dodging societal bullets and skirting the educational system just to get by. Then, after almost flunking out of high school and miserably failing in corporate America, I figured out that what I thought was my nemesis turned out to be the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur and inventor. Low self-esteem defined my life until I got my first endorphin rush from solving problems that others couldn’t or at least didn’t.

Because I know that this talent for problem solving is in every one of us…all 50,000,000 or so, I have recently launched a new website ( directed at adult dyslexics, designed to nurture and reward our creative thought process. The ultimate goal is to create an extensive network of us as sort of a dyslexic cloud of issue solving and invention. If you are an inventor we can help you find an outlet for your invention, if not we would like to hear your issue solution story and potentially publish it to the world. Along the way we will also be posing outsider issues to further test your solution skills. Every month we will be choosing the best solutions in a number of categories to publish in our emagazine and annually we’ll choose the best of the best to feature in an ad for TV. Everything is free and there are no strings attached. Please join us.

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