Think I might be...

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Think I might be...

Post by msskana » Tue Dec 29, 2015 6:40 pm

Hi! I really didn't notice anything 'too' strange until recently at my job.
I'm wondering if it's possible to be dyslexic and not have any problems with letters?

I do know when I was younger I'd mirror write entire sentences, I still to this day don't know the difference from b and d with out writing out the word Job.
I remember in middle school my English teacher got annoyed with me because I'd always use capital B's when writing.

I've never been able to remember my times tables in math. For some reason It just wont stick in my head. I have to either use my fingers, or write out math to figure out simple additions. (For example I wouldn't know 7x6 So I'd add 7+7+7+7+7+7 then change it to 14+14+14 then add those together to get 42.)
I definitely had problems in school, and all throughout I was literally pushed through grades.
My mother said that I didn't start talking correctly until I was about 5, and what I was saying before that was probably what I thought were actual words, but in fact were gibberish.
I have problems remembering names. Someone can introduce themselves to me, and I'll forget it minutes later.
I've always had sloppy handwriting, but some days are better than others.
I'm primarily Left handed but I'm pretty effective with my right as well. Though, I'd for a long time, had trouble telling the difference from right to left.
I couldn't learn to tie my shoes for my life when I started to learn it. My brother had to teach me the easiest way possible.
I've always feared public speaking, and veered away from it when possible. Which actually effected my grades a lot in school.
I've never had a lot of self confidence/esteem and still don't

What Is bothering me right now, and effecting my job (making it more difficult) is having to recite numbers aloud. For my job I'll have to confirm a customers addresses. So Instead of me saying their address is 17065 Way rd. I'd say something like 1756.
I also have trouble pronouncing names. Even though I clearly see the letters and how they should sound. I'd say something more familiar to me.
(ex: Instead of saying Mrs. Hamstarck I'd say Mrs. Hamstuck Or instead of Mr. Heath I'd say Mr. Health.)

I'd notice this a lot in stores too when reading prices aloud. Instead of something being 98cents I'd say 0.89 even though I clearly know it's 0.98.
I have a hard time remembering anything that isn't written down. The easiest way for me to remember things is to write it down an few times, and read it aloud. Then it'll stay in my mind for a long time.

Also with numbers (like phone numbers or addresses) I have to make sure things are slowly said to me to write down or input into something to get it correctly. Often I have to ask for things to be repeated cause It simply slips from my mind.
I have very good muscle memory though. I forgot my clock in number at work one time, but my muscles clearly didn't because I was able to input the number without actually knowing it, even though I only used it once before.

I'm really curious if these are symptoms of being dyslexic. If it is, It'd be quite mild. Aside from saying number aloud and being incapable of simple math in my head. Everything else is pretty normal for me, I guess.

If you made it to the end and read all of this, I applaud you! Please tell me what you think :)

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