Problems at work

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Problems at work

Post by kerrie » Sat May 16, 2015 1:37 pm


I'm new to this board but not Dyslexia. I also have been diagnosed with Dyspraxia. I was diagnosed though work about just over two years ago. Since starting work at the age of 16 i have had trouble at work. I have always just thought i must be stupid. Then i kept getting into trouble and just did't know why. I was trying my best and it never seemed to be good egough. I was always behind in my work and would anoy my collegues not intentionally but would get distracted and forget what i was doing. I would then never complete the tyask as i would just forget. I have had trouble with a manager in the past and other members of staff. The worst was when a member of staff told me i must be thick because i couldn't remember things. I no longer work there.

I work with young children and there families. I do enjoy my job if i have a good day but i am finding work increasingly hard. I get very stressed as i know that even before the day has started i will not have enoguh time to complete all my work. The demands my new manager has put on me are high and i feel like i am failing badly. I rarely get a lunch break and end up eatting my lunch in about 5 mins. My memory is so bad that I am worried about it. I find it very hard to concentrate on anything in the office. I have had a assessment done through access to work who were good but it has taken my firm nearly a year to get the equipment. I have had some training to use it but need to practise as i was finding it hard to use. I have found out that the equipment doesn't work with the computer system. So i now just struggling. Every day is a struggle.

Does anyone else find that there brain just goes into overload all the time and i find i can't do anything. i tend to switch off and then just go into a stare mode and day dream without realsing im doing it untill someone tells me.

How do you cope at work? I just feel like i am a faillier and stupid.

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Re: Problems at work

Post by kby » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:29 pm

I use to work as a surgical technician very hands on type job. I was good at it. I've since developed degenerative disk disease and can no longer do this job. I can't even stand for eight consecutive hours but with my speed and mistakes, how can I get a nonphysical job?

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Re: Problems at work

Post by AbigailM » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:21 pm

KBY, the Davis program can help at any age. It's very common for adults to experience rapid improvement, because Davis starts by providing tools to address the perceptual issues that are a major part of dyslexia. I'd encourage you to talk with a Davis Facilitator about your needs to get a sense of what the program can do for you.

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