Smartynote pro : Multifunctional smart nitepad for people with dyslexia

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Smartynote pro : Multifunctional smart nitepad for people with dyslexia

Post by Manusingh4646 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 4:57 am

Hello guys,
I am Manpreet and i am the developer of Smartynote. Before going further, Let me first apologize for my bad english in advance.

Okay, now all that is settled. Let me tell you about the app:-
Smartynote is the notepad app that i developed after realizing that there was lack of an serious app that is made keeping in mind the people with reading and writing difficulty. I thought notepad would be perfect for it. After thorough search and several trials, i finally came up with the smartynote. Let me walk you through the abilities of this app:-

Image-to-text : I have included optical character recognition functionalities in the app that will enable you to either take pic from your camera or choose it from the gallery and then recognizing in the pic to automatically write it down to your notepad. This is not new but i thought it would be perfect for the notepad, since it lets you directly takes note from a book.

Voice-to-text : This notepad accepts your voice input and convert it into text, further saving it to the note.

Text-to-speech: Our sweet google voice assistant will speak up the words written in the note

How this app is different from other smart notepad apps?

There are couple of points i want to convey in this matter :-
I tried to keep the UI as minimal as possible.
There is no other app with ocr,voice recognition, text-to-speech at one place, atleast to my knowledge

The fonts and colors are specially made available according to needs of dyslexic individuals.

Notes are saved as list items. There is a provision of instant preview of whole note in the list.

Even though, i have included ads, but you can easily turn it off from ads switch provided in home screen. However, the switch will reset its position three days after turning off. But you can turn it off as many times. There is also a pro version that is free from ads.

In order to use Image-to-text, you need to have android version above 4.0, a good quality camera, a clear image, machine typed text (Not handwritten) and must be in english.
Internet must be available for speech-to-text functionality
I don't have anything to tell you anything else about the app for now, but if you have please feel free to ask.
Here's the link:
Smartynote Pro
Thanks in advance

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Re: Smartynote pro : Multifunctional smart nitepad for people with dyslexia

Post by goldtreefrog » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:23 pm

Nice app! For some reason I could not get speech-to-text to work in the title, and my phone's camera (which is several years old) does not seem to be good enough for the OCR. Nevertheless, the speech-to-text is very handy otherwise, especially since I can move it straight into email and other applications after I have dictated it.

I will confess I am not dyslexic (except maybe a wee bit), but I find this useful, as talking is faster than typing and the Google speech recognition is quite good.

I will definitely show it to my boyfriend, who is quite dyslexic and forever asking me how to spell.

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