Hi - old newbie here

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Hi - old newbie here

Post by Sox3 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:35 pm


I'm 53 years old and just realizing how much my learning disability has impacted my life. I have most of the symptoms of dyslexia. My half-brother was diagnosed in school, but I wasn't... I was a gifted child, and since I was getting B's no one thought that anything was wrong. But there was something really wrong. I was good at hiding it. I guess I even hid it from myself. I blame my problems on another thing in my life, but I’m realizing now that my Dyslexia-like symptoms were equal in magnitude.

I think the focus on reading and writing with Dyslexia was a problem with me and realizing that I probably have it. Although I have problems with reading and writing, that's not the thing I have most problems with. The verbal and the auditory is something I just can't stand anymore.

I guess I will have to get tested.

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