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dyslexic font

Post by mooreriona » Mon May 04, 2015 3:28 pm

Hi, I’m currently in my final year at the University of the Arts London, doing a course in BA Graphic Design and Communication studies. For my final major project I have been designing a typeface for people with dyslexia. I understand there are already other typefaces that have been designed for this purpose like Dyslexie, Open Dyslexic, etc. but have found that these typefaces are not found to be useful for all readers. Dyslexic readers have different font preferences and different problems with reading so one typeface is never going to be perfect for everyone.

I’ve created my font using the font characteristics listed on the British Dyslexia Association website as being preferable for Dyslexic readers, as well as based on what people didn’t like about previous dyslexic typefaces in order to give people an alternative font option. My end goal is to have a font dyslexic users find useful and have it available for free download online.

My font has long ascenders and descenders on the t,y,p,f,j as well as wide openings in the e, a, c. Certain letters have been designed to ensure they don’t look similar and are easily distinguishable such as a from o/d, G from C, rn from m, u/v, Q from O, b/d,p/q, Capital I from lowercase l.

If you could take a look at my typeface and give me any advice/feedback/comments on what you think. What you would change, what you like/don’t like, etc. that would be really beneficial to me. I need any help I can get even if you just give me a short reply.

I’ve attached a link to my fmp blog with my typeface for you to look at.

Alternatively if you know someone I should contact and could forward me their contact details that would also help!

Again thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Riona Moore


I can acknowledge those who help on my blog/ or leave you anonymous if you prefer. Up to you!

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