New to this site/Devastated Grandmother

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New to this site/Devastated Grandmother

Post by Ericoltk » Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:28 pm

My 2 youngest daughters are dyslexia, they are now grown in their 30's. The older one has a son who just started school. Because of my experience with my girls, my gut feeling is he could be dyslexia? I wonder if my daughter is going to be in the same fight I had trying to get help for them? The reason I say this is because I mentioned the possibility that my grandson might be dyslexic? She kinda blew me off by saying it's too early to diagnose it? Not True, I saw a documentary on ch 2 that they can be tested in Kindergarten. Well the grandmother claws have come Off. My daughter seems to be afraid to fight the fight she might have to do to get the help he's going to possibly need. Believe me I'm Ready!!! I know the ropes, I'm going to give the teacher another chance, if Not I will be going to the principal to get an IEP done for him to get started ASAP. Appreciate any suggestions?

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Re: New to this site/Devastated Grandmother

Post by Alexandra O » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:03 am

I am really sorry to hear that, I understand how horrible it is with my 2 children being Dyslexic led to me suffering from years of stress and unhappiness.

Getting an IEP won't actually help your grandson unfortunately, most schools give children a label of Dyslexia as a way of making an excuse for not being able to teach the child to read. If your committed to actually teaching your grandson to read you have to take ownership and just cut the school out.

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