Links to Dyslexia Resources

This web site discussion forum is provided by Davis Dyslexia Association International.

For more information about dyslexia and Davis methods, you can visit these web sites:
  • Dyslexia the Gift ( Davis Dyslexia Association International
  • Is it Dyslexia? ( Free and confidential online assessment tool
  • Dyslexia Blog ( News, opinions, videos, and more
  • Davis Method Provider Directory ( Worldwide Directory of Davis Providers
  • Davis Training Worldwide ( Workshop and event calendar; facilitator licensing program information
  • Dyslexia Shop ( Books, kits, and Davis support materials
  • Davis Symbol Mastery ( Pictures to help with clay modeling of words
  • Davis Learning Strategies ( Classroom program for primary teachers
  • Davis Research Foundation ( Non-profit foundation to fund innovative research
  • Dyslegia: Legislative Information ( Information about dyslexia laws and pending legislation n the US